Here is my presentation that I am giving at Trinity University in San Antonio today. I want to thank Prof. Amber Hutchins for letting me do this and sharing some belief sets with her students.

Part of my message to the students today is to not just “study” PR, but become your own client.  

Take the initiative to brand yourself and build an online resume that will get your into grad school, law school, medical school, a way cool job or to help you start a new business when you graduate.

It’s also my belief that college students today are, in their own right, coming out of the college experience more experienced in PR and branding than they may take credit for.  

They are social influencers, have just spend in excess of $100,000.00 in investing in themselves, and with a smart phone and access to the real time Internet, they make and recommend purchasing decisions to their peers.

If you’re a college student, wherever on the planet you may be, I hope this presentation helps you in some way. 

Don’t forget.  You are a brand.  

Start branding and cultivating your personal brand now.