Experience The Rackspace Startups Program I’m sponsored by Rackspace Startups Program to be the Brand Ambassador to Israel. I’m here to help facilitate the process of growing your business by leveraging the power of the #1 managed cloud company. My mission is to #BeHelpful and engage in the startup and innovation economy that is transforming … Read more


#Startups – Scale Quickly. Be Capital Efficient. Wisdom, Insights and Opportunities at #SXSW 2012 With @BlumbergCapital Two things here from David Blumberg, Blumberg Capital… watch, listen carefully and read below…. 1. Speed Pitch Opportunity at SXSW 2012 more on the live chat website free gay live chat If you are coming to SXSW and looking … Read more


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The Case for Not Using Stock Photos in Your Writing Given low cost cameras and smart phones, I contend that your own photography should be used rather than stock. Like here. timpass That’s Geo Geller, #140Conf Chief Insultant and photographer extraordinaire shooting away during the recent #140OnBoard. If you are writing original words, use original … Read more