#Startups – Scale Quickly. Be Capital Efficient. Wisdom, Insights and Opportunities at #SXSW 2012 With @BlumbergCapital
Two things here from David Blumberg, Blumberg Capital… watch, listen carefully and read below….

1. Speed Pitch Opportunity at SXSW 2012 more on the live chat website free gay live chat

If you are coming to SXSW and looking to connect with VCs and CMOs, come to Blumberg Capital’s event which you can register for here.

2. Scale Quickly. Be Capital Effiicent

This is a simple and powerful message.

Watch the video. Repeat. masqulin

Listen and watch what David has to say about what he’s looking for. He now has Alon Lifshitz on the ground in Israel so you can connect with him there.

If your business model fits the parameters of what he and his team are looking for, then you increase your chances of getting on their radar. grindhouseraw